My New Student Pad

26 Aug

I will be living on this amazing campus just 4 miles from the city of Bath. I won’t actually be in the castle but it is on campus along with a lake, a temple and an Italian garden all set in grounds landscaped by Capability Brown.

This is where my classes in Scriptwriting will take place:

I have three weeks to pack everything up. Yesterday I idled away some time deciding which new mobile phone to get myself as there will be no land-lines and my current mobile is a dinosaur. I think I’m going with this: 

It has a great little video so I can make some short films with all those enthusiastic students.

Below is a map of the campus. Near the top if you find the initials TH, that is where I will actually be living – Temple House. And on Tuesday 13th September I will be meeting my housemates for the first time before we move in on the 17th.

I can’t wait to be a fully fledged student again!!

HAPPY DAYS!             

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Posted by on August 26, 2011 in Back To Uni


One response to “My New Student Pad

  1. Caroline Coxon

    August 26, 2011 at 11:39

    Fantabulous! You so very much deserve this. XXXX


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