Freshers Week

05 Oct

So Freshers Week descended after one blissfully quiet week on campus getting to know my new housemates and colleagues Max and Polly who make me laugh so much. I giggle all day long. 

The house is wonderful with a view from the kitchen window onto a lovely lawn where a geriatric blackbird couple and seriously ancient jackdaw visit every day.

I did manage to get everything into the two cars and a dash home later in the week managed to see my old place spic and spanned with only a small amount taken out of my deposit to clean the carpets and a sweet Italian friend looks likely to rent it so I’ll be able to visit.

Pebbles looked a little lost when she first arrived at mum’s but has settled in very quickly and is just a ball of purry affection when I visit.

My buy of the year so far has to be my Hush Plugz earplugs from the Student Union shop. After two sleepless nights once the Freshers arrived they now cut out every sound and I’m once again sleeping like a baby.

We went to the Welcome Party at the Student Union where I was incredibly shocked to find heavy security in the shape of about six gigantic bouncers and the entrance cordoned off like some royals were about to drop in. It was nothing like that in my day at uni, no security, or even adults in the bar from what I can remember. Have the younger generation really turned into some sort of binge drinking, destroyers of violent havoc? I’m sure I will soon find out. (How old do I sound? – I can almost hear my creaking synapses firing.)

The party consisted of an extreme stiletto and g-string cattle market with drooling teenage boys but somehow the hippies managed to sniff me out and I found myself talking with a teenaged, long-haired, vinyl fan who also listens to Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Santana. He very kindly steered me in the direction of a bar hidden in the corner of an empty tent where I managed to buy two bottles of Corona for £4 in less than 2 minutes while we had to send out a search party for Max when he still hadn’t appeared with our drinks from the main bar after half an hour. We found him fighting his way through the dance floor, sweating and having an Irish tantrum – but bless him, he hadn’t spilt a drop.

The bar was open from 10am every day with a party every night and doing our kitchen rounds every evening was rather amusing as we watched fresh-faced eager freshers slowly turn into walking zombies. The parties consisted of such diverse affairs as ‘Where’s Wally?’, Hypnosis, Popcorn canon and Pirate Night. I stayed home for most of these preferring to get tucked up tight before the noisy blighters started staggering home.

I’ve been wobbling my way around campus on my trusty old bike which I think looks like a Betty. My thighs hurt like mad on the way to the SU which is as far away on campus as you can get from our little house but it’s downhill all the way back which I love. I still can’t take my hands off the handle-bars but I yell ‘hello’ to everyone who greets me. I took Betty for a free safety check today and was gratified to learn that not only is she in excellent shape, she needs very little maintenance and is worth four times what I paid for her. Result.

Max & Polly on the grand drive of Corsham Court

Last thursday we went to Corsham Court to register for the academic side of things and I met my fellow classmates. The two other girls were missing and the rest consisted of four men ranging in age from early twenties to sixty odd. I’m looking forward to getting to know them, they all looked like they could well be as ditsy as me.

The place is amazing with peacocks everywhere; in trees and on battlements; I had no idea they could fly and they’re enormous. I collected a handful of stunning feathers while taking a stroll through the grounds.

‘Remains Of The Day’ among others was filmed here and a brand new studio has just been built for my course and they are desperate for us to use it. They provide all the crew and a director if required and there is a brand new editing suite and sound recording box so I may well get to film some of my short scripts.

Whether I’ll find time to do this remains to be seen as we received our course handbooks on friday and the amount of work to be done before the first class on Oct 15th is TERRIFYING!

The reading list is huge and we have to have an outline for a theatre or radio play as well as having completed scene by scene analysis on three plays. I am now feeling very daunted. If we’d started with a film script I’d be a lot happier – I’m a little out of my depth with this because I’ve forgotten all the bloody theatre stuff. I knew I should have brought my box of plays with me – I need to refresh my addled memory.

At the same time I’m extremely excited and want to be top of the Master’s Class!

discovered hidden in the grounds when I went for a furtive ciggie


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2 responses to “Freshers Week

  1. Caroline Coxon

    October 5, 2011 at 16:35

    How absolutely completely and utterly wonderful that you’re having such a great time. I am jealous in very many ways. Do they take horses?

    • The 40 Year Old Student

      October 5, 2011 at 16:57

      I’m sure there are stables nearby and there are fields galore on campus. Although these are mostly filled with rather grumpy cows at present. You must come and visit x


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