18 Nov

Ok, so I’ve been a little lax about keeping my blog up to date – only one post and I’ve been here two months!

So I’ve decided to take a leaf out of my marvellous and talented friend Caroline’s book and try and be more regular. She hit ten thousand views on her blog today – amazing!! Time management is the key and I’m aiming for a weekly post. My main problem was transferring pics from new phone onto the PC – would take over and hour – but after much rummaging around the net today I think I’ve found a solution – hurrah!

Here’s my student room complete with awesome new amp and speakers and all my old vinyl which I’m loving!

I’ve written my first play. It’s only ten minutes and I will get feedback on it in tomorrow’s class. In a week or so the best three plays will be chosen to be work-shopped by professional actors and then performed at the Master’s Christmas drinks evening. Fingers crossed for mine.

I managed to submit my 5000 word essay on time – only the first draft and a bit rough and ready. I absolutely loved writing it – it’s director’s notes for a production of Romeo & Juliet and I’ve had this big old open air, mixed media production buzzing around my brain for over a decade so writing it was a breeze and reminded me of how much I adore and admire Shakespeare – he’s da man.

I’m also writing a full length play which has to be in on the 28th Nov. I only have 12 pages written – eek – but lots of notes and I’m thoroughly getting off on writing rap lyrics for the main character – a troubled youth. I am in the process of arranging a meeting with some real troubled youths who rap to see if my lyrics cut the mustard.

¬† Last night I cooked for my housemates and then Polly and I wandered up to the Student Union bar for another bottle of wine – our first night-time visit there since Fresher’s Week – and it was deserted! A truly terrible drag act was on with about 6 people in the bar. We were horrified, who on earth is the event’s manager – someone’s nan? At least the wine was cheap.

Classes are a bit odd. We basically read and comment on each other’s work. And that’s it. So far anyway. I’m the second youngest in the group – can you believe it! The youngest is an American girl in her twenties, there was a lad in his twenties too but he dropped out yesterday – no doubt put off by all us oldies and our liquorice allsorts bag of ideas.

I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. I’m reading tonnes – the library is just amazing and I’m completely in love with it, I spend most of my time there. It’s got every book on screenwriting and playwriting ever written and I wander up and down the aisles and perch on those stool thingies and dip in and out of books about Shakespeare, youth culture, film making, writing for radio, plays, film scripts, TV scripts (Fawlty Towers is FUNNY even on the page!) And they have a huge dvd section too with up to date films and most TV shows. Utter heaven, I’ve even cut back on my DVD postage rental and saved nearly a tenner a month. Such a student!

The only downside is not really being able to socialise with the students, although I have a little tale to tell about that which I will save for next time, and the coffee on campus SUCKS!! Big time, awful, disgusting, yuck.

Luckily Bath, which is only a wee bus ride away, has oodles of independent coffee shops who know how to grind their beans. My fave so far is The Boston Tea House. Yum.




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  1. Caroline Coxon

    November 18, 2011 at 20:11

    I love your life, MJ! And nobody deserves it more than you xxxx

  2. Phil Cairns

    November 19, 2011 at 15:25

    Nice tease about the student socialising tale. I see you have read the ‘cliffhangers’ chapter of the blogger’s handbook! x


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