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Here’s my first completed short film. Shot and edited between shoot days for ‘Paranoia’ this was created for Film4s ‘ Scene Stealers’ competition.

“We are looking for you to take an iconic Film4 moment from our list of selected films and put your own individual stamp on it. The judges will be looking for entries that do this in the most original and creative way encapsulating the Film4 ethos and celebrating some of its finest moments with a fresh, inventive approach. Make your own version of that scene with as much flair, invention and creativity as you can. You can use snippets of dialogue from the scene, but again, re-imagining the moment to stand out from the crowd is what we’re after.”

I chose to re-imagine the confrontation and LSD scenes from Shane Meadows’ excellent film ‘Dead Man’s Shoes.’ 

It took three hours to film with a Sony PD175 camera, a boom mike and sunlight. I used two reflectors on the actresses’ faces under the arch scene and have learned that a white dress is not great in bright sunlight if you haven’t a clue about white balance!

Sound was really tricky, we were delayed by a lot of airplanes and helicopters – it was the first sunny day in over a week!

Final Cut is HUGE but I had a great manual and some help with leveling out the sound in post.

My cast were incredible and huge thanks to the multi-talented Edd Lane for creating a perfect piece of music for me in less than 24 hours after I asked. It makes the film!

For some reason the end titles won’t screen on YouTube – I have posted on a forum so we’ll see if I get a response. I’ve submitted to Film4, haven’t had confirmation yet and am worried that the swearing might be construed as ‘offensive’. Fingers crossed it’s not!

  This was a great learning experience for me and I’m dead chuffed with the result!

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So my first day ever behind a camera is done!

Phew. It took a lot of bloody organising I can tell you. I’ve been trying to crew it and film since April this year. And how did it go? I hear you shout. Not bad, not bad. The baddest bit was the sound dude’s rumbly tum. Five takes and a snack later and I sent him out of the room! But I’m so glad he was there. Thank you lovely Alan Deacon – take a bow.

Alan responded to a Talent Circle crew shout-out and his area of expertise is actually post-production sound but he kindly offered to come and set up the boom and levels and everything sound-wise and I was very glad for his presence and knowledge and look forward to his work after the edit.

I would also say that doing the directing, lighting, camera, sound, art direction, props and make-up is too much.

I found it difficult to actually focus on my actress and felt pressured and rushed. Thankfully, Ffion Evans is a very talented young lady and I felt enough confidence in her to move on swiftly.  I had also done an awful lot of pre-production preparation. This was reiterated over and over in every book or article I read about making low budget shorts and although it meant another huge chunk of time out of my MA work it was definitely worth it.

I want a producer. This is the main big lesson I have come away with. A producer I can forge a great relationship with and work on the next couple of shorts and then onto a feature.

Will I continue directing? Well, I haven’t watched the rushes back yet because I have a huge academic deadline looming and the next day’s shoot for this film, Paranoia, isn’t until 31st July so I won’t be editing until sometime in August. I’ll let you know then.

Meanwhile I’ve got another shoot booked this Tuesday to reimagine a scene for Film 4’s Scene Stealers  competition. I transcribed the scene last night and am looking forward to a couple of hours rehearsing and shooting with some fabulous young actresses. We’re spinning a classic gangster’s scene on its head and will be shooting outdoors with two cameras. Should be fun.

Audition Day

Thanks must go to my wonderfully quirky classmate Jackie Pasco, a fellow scriptwriter who today did a sterling job as the clapper loader, and Edd Lane my stills photographer. Looking forward to putting some pics from the shoot up soon. Watch this space!

I’m now off to write a feature length screenplay.

In a week.

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